Darkness Falls

A Simple Job

You Find Him Very Annoying but Some How Charming

Today we started the official campaign, although it unfortunately had to be a short session. As with any classic role-playing game, we started in a cantina. Our group started off as individuals with no association with each other but all looking for work or information. A representative from Teemo the Hutt stopped in to offer a job that was quickly accepted by all. The oddly assembled group of 2 humans, a wookie, a trandoshan, and a togruta hopped on a ship of Teemo’s, the Ao Var, not knowing the full details of their mission. After a long flight of getting to know each other they arrived at an asteroid field to discover a container carrying what they assume to be their cargo. As a few of them got to work doing some space acrobatics, an unknown ship appeared and attacked them. With some skill and luck everyone was able to make it back on board with all the goods before attempting to make an escape….

The Group:
Bearrokk Urmomma
B. O. B.
Jhoren Modun
Lana Olien
Rico the Suave


  • Rico managing to offend the two female member of the group in less then 5 minutes.
  • Bearrokk and B. O. B. having a loud argument in wookish and trandosian while Rico stumbles around drunk
  • Jhoren repairing the Ao Var’s weapons systems in the middle of being fired upon.
  • Lana making a great shot into the blackness of space only to actually hit the hidden enemy vessel.
  • Rico managing to avoid an explosion and not flying into space.
  • B. O. B. saving both Bearrokk and Rico trying to enter the cargo hold as the ship is in combat.

Best Quotes:

  • “I’m a guy.”
  • “I’m a crew for your man.”
  • “We found this thing out in space. Yes, THEE space.”



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