Darkness Falls

Beginner Box Adventure

So, no Ion Canon I take it?

Today we took on the Beginner Box adventure again, but this time with two new players.
Andrew and Andy took on the roles of Pash and Lawhhrick while John and Mirza played Vex and Oskara respectively. The adventure went well as Pash proved his abilities as a charming want to be pimp, Lawhhrick was a Wookie Shield that never got shot, Vex freed a fellow droid from oppression by the man, and Oskara got to drop a water tower on some security droids. The group managed to fight their way through Mos Shuuta and escaping with destruction in their wake. The adventure went so well that Andrew and Andy, newbies to paper and pen RPGs, decided that they would be joining us for the full campaign.


  • Lawhhrick being able to blend in at the cantina’s bar, unnoticed.
  • Vex proving just how ungraceful a droid really is.
  • Pash wooing the Cantina’s Twi’lek dancer while using her as a human shield.
  • Pash pimping out the Cantina’s Twi’lek dancer to the Junk Shop owner to get the HMI
  • Oskara not killing Pash for trying to pimp her out as well for a Blaster Rifle.
  • The group convincing the Junk Shop owner to give them an Ion Canon which they never received.
  • Vex freeing the Junk Shop’s R5 unit and convincing him to join the group.
  • Lawhhrick smashing Overseer Brynn’s wrist in the door, nearly severing it before smashing the dreaded fallen chair barrier.
  • The group fleeing from the spaceport control facility out a backdoor.
  • Oskara taking down the water with a lucky shot that fell right on top of two security droids
  • Pash standing above a prone and wounded Trek and shooting him in the head.
  • Vex stunning 5 enemies with a single grenade after they were able to nosily sneak up on him.
  • Oskara deciding several times to go against better judgement and actually help her idiot “friends” instead of taking off.
  • Pash using his flying skills to get a TIE fighter to crash and die in debris.

Best Quotes:

  • “This is my bitch now.”
  • “She does a really good job of draining your oil if you know what I mean.”



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