Darkness Falls

Bloo Milk and Cookies

Lifties = Boobies

This session saw a chance for some planetary adventure for the group. It started off with an unhappy Teemo because of the damage caused to his ship, the Ao Var. This encouraged the group to take another job in hopes of working off the debt. Teemo was even kind enough to provide some payment to the group. Before departure, the group resupplied and made some friends with the shop keeps including Bengara Dean. Traveling between shops Lana noticed she was being followed and confronted the mysterious person with help from her “stealthy” friends. After that, the group left in two heavy speeder trucks with a representative of Teemo’s, a Twi’lek named Oskara. Spending as much time traveling as they could, the group made it to the outskirts of Bestine where they stopped for food. Soon a speeder that appeared to be following them ducked behind a building where the group went to confront them and faced an explosive battle…

The Group:
Bearrokk Urmomma
B. O. B.
Jhoren Modun
Lana Olien
Rico the Suave


  • When making external ship repairs, never let the duck tape float away.
  • Rico and Jhoren both make friends with Bengara Dean
  • Bearrokk shows that Wookies hide while in crowds
  • Lana encounters a droid that is watching her for her thought to be dead brother
  • Strapping people to a roof is a good idea
  • When sneaking, Rico and Oskara talk too loud
  • Jhoren has good reflexes
  • Lana shoots off another head
  • Rico blew up a car
  • Rico got hit by debris from said car while Oskara used him as a shield
  • Jhoren has REALLY good reflexes

Best Quotes:

  • “You’re shooting yourself. That’s not gay.”
  • “Let us know!” – “Okay.” – “We know!”



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