Darkness Falls

The Mother's Name is Danger

Space Age Pizza Delivery

After a few setbacks, the group finally makes it to Mos Eisley. Everything got complicated fast when Jhoren was forced to land at a spaceport and was greeted by Imperial Troops. He was wanted in questioning regarding the Massacre of Carnthout and for flying a ship owned by a known fugitive. The others had to sneak in and rescue Jhoren. They arrived just in time to bump into him sneaking out thanks to help from an old friend. Before leaving, the Imperial Troops were alerted and fired on them. Fortunately, a well placed explosive from Lana ended their pursuit. Then, in order to avoid being seen by onlookers, the group entered a cantina where some angry men were seeking out Rico…

The Group:
Bearrokk Urmomma
B. O. B.
Jhoren Modun
Lana Olien
Rico the Suave


  • Stav’el isn’t great at sharing information
  • When you are asked to land at a spaceport with Imperial Troops… maybe you shouldn’t
  • If you steal a ship, say you just found it abandoned an hour ago
  • Jhoren is now a Space Sweden
  • Bearrokk is happy to do what the group wants
  • Mos Eisley has a street named Narnia
  • Rico can smell alcohol
  • B.O.B. is pretty good in combat
  • If you are sneaking through a hallway, don’t just stand there when a door opens
  • Lana finally ’lishtioned something
  • No body trusts Stav’el
  • B.O.B. has decent training A’s
  • The Trevolin Provoke Trembling Probe isn’t a great cantina to hide in
  • Don’t trust short, gruff and balding guys
  • Don’t put away a gun till your problem is gone
  • Jhoren is a good friend
  • Rico actually did something smart and helpfull…. just had to share that

Best Quotes:

  • “Easy with the ‘we’. "
  • “Keep the door open.”
  • “He has no problem taking a baby so we know he has no trouble stealing sh!t.”
  • “It is not a fruit medley.”
  • “The scissors…” – “Well, technically…” – “THEY HAVE AN ENCUMBRANCE OF 0!!!”
  • “My liver is quivering.”
  • “You hear a huge-ass NO coming through your comlink.”
  • “You would be shot in the shins.” – “Yeah, you’d be the first dwarf wookie.”
  • “Since the demolitionist hasn’t ’litionsit nothing.”
  • “Sir, are you okay? Your pants keep talking.” – “These are not the pants you are looking for.”
  • In unison: “How handsomely?”



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