Darkness Falls

Worst Stop Ever

How to Make Friends with Local Farmers

Healing became the first priority at the start of this session. Bearrokk, the go to doctor, was awoken from his over-stressed state and got to work patching up a lot of hurt. After that looting the dead, including the much flattened Oskara, and checking out the ship became the next items on the ‘To Do’ list. Goodies were found, the ship was identified as Bew, and the helpful stranger, Stav’el, decided to accompany the group to Mos Eisley. The group continued their delivery with the two heavy speeder trucks and Jhoren circling above in Bew. it was decided to take a break in Carnthout where Rico, Bearrokk, and Stav’el went into town to check things out. As Rico got some overpriced stimpacks, shouting and shooting was heard and Stav’el wasn’t in sight. With everyone making haste to investigate, Stav’el was found surrounded by a mob of moisture farmers. With what appears to be a baby in his arms, Stav’el stood firm and appeared to be keeping the child from a woman near by. The group soon gathered around the farmers and started aggressive negotiations…

The Group:
Bearrokk Urmomma
B. O. B.
Jhoren Modun
Lana Olien
Rico the Suave


  • Looting a body from under a truck means some things might be squished
  • The group selflessly buried bodies
  • More stimpacks would be helpful
  • Bearrokk is not very observant
  • After his near death experience, Rico was actually well behaved around a female
  • Strategize everything because the GM is jerk
  • More communicators would be helpful
  • B.O.B. and Lana are becoming pretty good drivers
  • A mob of moisture farmers are scary
  • Jhoren scored 13 kills… woot!

Best Quotes:

  • “Big Bear, this is Little Chicken. Do you copy?”
  • “Penis Fruit.”
  • “These colors are delicious!”
  • “Do you want to be a moisture farmer or a lead farmer?”
  • “This is the worst stop ever.”



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