Bearrokk Urmomma

Andy's PC



Bounty Hunter – Survivalist

Species Gender Age Height Weight
Wookie Male 36 6’ 9" 276

Bearrokk was living a happy life with his wife and 2 children on Kashyyyk. One night after having a particularly good take of the herbs, he fell asleep trying to ignore his wife. He wakes up to the sound of all the wives screaming. Night raid by the Trandoshans!!! Before he could react he is thrown out of this hut, beaten with a sockful of oranges, and thrown into a cage. He picks himself up and notices the whole tribe is locked up in cages and loaded onto seperate starships. The last glimpse that Bearrokk sees thru his bloodshot eyes are of his family being loaded onto another ship before an electric rod knocks him out.

Bearokk was shippped to Nal Hutta and sold into the service of a particularily kinky hutt called Balla the Hutt. His name is for the explosive slave collars he put on his slaves lower regions. After many years of slavery, and painful chaffing, he was moved to Balla’s gladiator training camp. Here he picked up the skills to fight and defend himself. Assuming the gladiator name Spartikiss, he lead the other gladiators to freedom, stole a starship, and crash landed on Corella where he lived in poverty.
After learning to track and hunt he decided he would find his family. Seeing a wanted poster outside Corona House he decided to use his skills as a bounty hunter to earn money to located his family and stick it to the empire.

Bearrokk Urmomma

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