Jhoren Modun

John's PC



Explorer – Fringer

Species Gender Age Height Weight
Human Male 28 6’ 0" 190
Characteristic Rating
Brawn 2
Agility 3
Intellect 2
Cunning 3
Willpower 2
Presence 3
Skills Ranks Dice Pool
Astrogation (int) 1 Prof_sym.pngAbil_sym.png
Athletics (br) 1 Prof_sym.pngAbil_sym.png
Cool (pr) 1 Prof_sym.pngProf_sym.pngAbil_sym.png
Coordination (ag) 1 Prof_sym.pngAbil_sym.pngAbil_sym.png
Lore (int) 0 Abil_sym.pngAbil_sym.png
Mechanics (int) 1 Prof_sym.pngAbil_sym.png
Negotiation (pr) 2 Prof_sym.pngProf_sym.pngAbil_sym.png
Outer Rim (int) 0 Abil_sym.pngAbil_sym.png
Perception (cun) 1 Prof_sym.pngAbil_sym.pngAbil_sym.png
Piloting-Space (ag) 1 Prof_sym.pngAbil_sym.pngAbil_sym.png
Ranged-Light (ag) 1 Prof_sym.pngAbil_sym.pngAbil_sym.png
Streetwise (cun) 1 Prof_sym.pngAbil_sym.pngAbil_sym.png
Survival (cun) 0 Abil_sym.pngAbil_sym.pngAbil_sym.png
Xenology (int) 1 Prof_sym.pngAbil_sym.png
Talents Talent Tree
Street Smarts Fringer
Galaxy Mapper Fringer
Skilled Jockey Fringer
Toughened Fringer
Grit Fringer
Rapid Recovery Fringer
Blaster Pistol
Heavy Clothing
Thermal Cloak
Comlink (handheld)
Utility Vest
Utility Belt
Survival Kit
Tool Kit
43 credits

Born and raised aboard his parents freighter, the Wanderer.
Being an independent freighter it was always a chore to keep the Wanderer flying, a couple years back the ship needed extensive repairs.
A moneylender offered to pay for the repairs in exchange for Jhoren working off the debt. The lender is selling the work contract with only a few months left on it . It seems like the lender is trying to sell him into permanent indentured servitude and Jhoren is looking for an escape route.

Jhoren Modun

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