Lana Olien

Mirza's PC



Hired Gun – Demolitionist

Species Gender Age Height
Togruta Female 23 5’ 8"

“You made her apologize for sickness. For her courage. You made her feel sorry for dying”

Not all lives are easy and for Lana Olien, that’s an understatement. Dropped off as a newborn at an orphanage on the planet of Corellia, Lana began her life alone. Lana was quickly adopted by a Twi’lek family that took pity on her. Her adopted parents loved her and treated her as their own. Her adopted brother took to her but her two adopted sisters didn’t care for her. As the only Togruta in the area, Lana wasn’t well received by the other children in the neighborhood or school. She became an outsider and spent most of her time hiding away. Her brother, Na’bana, became a confidant and they both shared an interest in machinery and explosives. They loved making playful booby traps for their sisters. Lana’s adopted mother became ill and her death created a rift in the family. Her adopted father became addicted to drugs and her sisters hated Lana more, blaming her for putting stress on their mother. Shortly after, Na’bana left to join the Imperial Academy and suggested when she was ready, she should join too.

“You know, this doesn’t have to be a bad time in your life. Being a kid is suppose to be fun.”

Lana continued to feel isolated from everyone around her so her time was spent mostly tinkering on various projects. When Na’bana graduated the academy, Lana was excited for him. They started messaging each other plans on how she would join soon and they would try to get assigned to the same ship. Those plans changed when Na’bana’s ship went missing. The reports said it was Alliance sabotage but the letter Lana got a few weeks later made her suspect otherwise. It was a short message that said, “Trust only yourself and don’t set off your own traps.” Lana was sure it was from her brother but there was no way to prove it. So she left in search of him. Working for who ever wanted her skills, Lana, made a living working with explosives while trying to trace down information about her brother and what really happened.

Lana Olien

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