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  • A Simple Job

    Today we started the official campaign, although it unfortunately had to be a short session. As with any classic role-playing game, we started in a cantina. Our group started off as individuals with no association with each other but all looking for work …


    Last we left off the group was under attack while trying to recover goods for Teemo the Hutt. Fortunately, everything went well and all was okay. Just kidding. They got the goods, but B.O.B. was injured and fell unconscious for the session. The group …

  • Blue Milk and Cookies

    This session saw a chance for some planetary adventure for the group. It started off with an unhappy Teemo because of the damage caused to his ship, the [[Ao Var | *Ao Var*]]. This encouraged the group to take another job in hopes of working off the debt. …

  • Ao Var

    [[File:343494 | class=media-item-align-center | Ghtroc720_sotg07.jpg]] A rusty old Ghtroc 720 light freighter *Owner:* [[:teemo-the-hut | *Teemo the Hutt*]] *Pilot:* Pash