B. O. B.

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Hired Gun – Marauder

Species Gender Age Height Weight
Trandoshan Female 29 6’ 4" 195

“Born on my home planet of Hsskor, also known as Trandosha, I had a normal upbringing with older brothers who taught me how to take care of myself. When I was 16, my father became intoxicated and tried to molest me. I defended myself and sunk my claws into his balls, twisted them, and finally ripped them off. As you can imagine, I was no longer welcomed so he tricked me and put me in a crate, shipping me off to Nal Hutta. I was able to eventually find work for a hutt named Bob.

Over the years I performed menial jobs and tasks until I defeated a group trying to muscle one of Bob’s connections. This incident lands me a spot on his take down crew. A few years pass and over this time Bob has become a friend to me and has trusted me with many secrets that could bring down his empire if they were ever leaked. While doing a routine take down the entire crew all of a sudden turned on me but being the awesome badass I am, I took them all down instead. I ran back to my old family home thinking it could be a safe place to stay low for a bit but I found the house blown up with all my family inside. I knew it was Bob and I became enraged and felt the need for revenge. I swore that I was going to castrate and kill anyone who got in my way. Having found out I survived the ambush, Bob the Hutt put a bounty on my head. I know he’s trying to avoid his ball-less and pathetic future that I have in store for him. He won’t be able to avoid it much longer."

B. O. B.

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