Rico the Suave

Andrew's PC



Colonist – Politico

Species Gender Age Height Weight
Human Male 23 5’ 9" 176

Rico was born on Coruscant with a silver spoon in his mouth but before he could enjoy the city planet, his parents moved to Ord Mantell. Rico grew up an only child but that wasn’t bad because that left room for quality time with the buxom maids in the house. After sleeping with the 4th and 5th maid (at the same time) he realized that he found a use for his disarming smile, charming personality, and well-endowed… well you know. He made a name for himself all over the planet from the seediest of bars to the luxurious Lady Fate Casino & Hotel (being the only person to be thrown out of a window on the 20th floor). Yet, his life of drunken debauchery, easy women, and shooting blasters out of speeding cars for fun was soon to come to an end.

While Rico was having fun, his parents gained influence and were campaigning for stricter gun policy, enlarging the police force, and prohibition. This did not fly with Rico the Suave. So he laced a baby’s cheek with poison and watched as his family kissed the cute cherub of death. Using his charm, wit, connections, and promises about his large inheritance, he escaped the authorities and baby mamas to spread his name, his legend, and his seed across the galaxy.

Rico the Suave

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