Darkness Falls

Don't Cry Over Smacked Comlinks

Monkey Leashes are Required

Sometimes things get out of control and today’s session had that feel for the group. It started with continuing to explore the dangerous home of Jabba the Hutt that now rang regularly of gunfire. Fortunately, after a blast took out the lights in a hallway, the kitchen was quickly found. There a mysterious Bothan was hiding. After a brief search and planning, the group split with Jhoren and Rico staying behind only to be confronted by the gamorrean guards. A small conversation, a couple bad reactions, and a few hits later Jhoren and Rico were knocked out with the rest of the gamorreans approaching the forewarned remaining members of the party. Explosives and blockades are put up but will they be enough to keep the group from becoming pin cushions to the gamorreans…..

The Group:
Bearrokk Urmomma
B. O. B.
Daven Horne
Jhoren Modun
Lana Olien
Rico the Suave


  • Bothan spies don’t say much.
  • Jhoren doesn’t like it when people touch his stuff.
  • When you fight Gamorreans, do so at a distance.
  • Rico got to put his new comlink to good use.
  • Lana and Bearrokk set up some good traps.
  • Daven isn’t afraid to get up close to danger.
  • Concentrated fire. Hmmm, guess it works. Who would have thought?
  • Bob adds another pair to her velvet ball sack.
  • Why would anyone poo in a bacta tank?
  • Who leaves a box of Booster Blue just lying around?
  • Daven now wears a cape. Don’t know why. But he does now.
  • According to Jhoren, blowing up a wall is bad.
  • Always have Rico organize the crates. It’s better for the Feng Shu… of Ambush!
  • Grenades = good.

Best Quotes:

  • “Bearrokk like it in the rear.”
  • “Da da da ‘Who sir? You sir.’ "
  • “Don’t sass me.”
  • “These space swedes are weird.”
  • “That seems safer. I’ll use my wookie ears.”



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